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Customers are very satisfied


“We have been working with Safir for several years and are very pleased with the services. We also recommend the Safir sewing room to all our customers who need clothing repairs.”

“As an entrepreneur, I always have to walk in the footsteps of fashion … which sometimes does not serve with a cut that would be to my body. I do not hesitate to buy clothes, because I know that it only takes a pair of seams that make my clothes perfect. They spend a short time in the Safir sewing service. Safir has already “saved” me countless times. Brands can breathe easier, as they say in Safir – everything is possible. I wish Safir sewing service many more stitches on your sewing route.”

“I love the clothes of renowned fashion designers, so I was worried about whom I can trust them for repair. As long as my friend did not recommend the excellent tailors in Safir, who are really masters. Not only to fix, at first glance, irreversible things that you think are just for a trash can, but also realize all of my difficult choices, when something needs to be completely rearranged. Their treasury of ideas thus creates clothes that can easily match those from the catwalk. I recommend Safir!”

“I am very happy with you and I fully trust you. All that you repaired and cleaned me was praiseworthy.”

“Thank you for … because you exist !!! I am more than satisfied with your work !!! .. fast, quality, kind, appropriate and pleasant … that’s all I need. So I remain your loyal customer.”

“I like to go to the Safir store very much, because quality is on a high level, they never lose good will and positive words. The store has an exemplary orderly range of goods and constantly takes care of the quality of its offer.Marjetka is a person that you don’t find every day, so her offer is what the customers want, that their clothes are made in the way of their wishes and demands.”

“Thanks for the work you do more than great. I’m pleased with your work. You are fast, quality, helpful, friendly and so far the best sewing service in Maribor. I remain a loyal customer and continue to be delighted to find you. I wish you plenty of success and more new and satisfied customers. “