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Sewing repairs

We actually do all the sewing repairs:

  • shortening of trousers (also to original edge)
  • tightening the pants in the waist or leg
  • shortening sleeves on jackets, blouses, sweaters, jackets …
  • narrowing shirts, blouses, dresses, jackets, coats
  • shortening skirts, dresses, shirts
  • change of zippers in trousers, skirt, jacket, coat
  • change of lining in jacket, coat
  • shortening curtains
  • fastening of ptress buttons, clips, buttons
  • sewing clothing patches
  • patching of eorka nad other clothes

Our competitive advantages …

  • we employ trained seamstresses with many years of experience
  • we have modern machines for various types of seams and materials
  • At the same time, we offer you professional sewing advice and show you a material from stock that would be suitable for making it (for example, a zipper, buttons, sequins, ribbons), so that you can choose what you want to sew.

Replacement of the transverse zipper for joining pants and jacket

Expansion of motorcycle pants

Expansion of motorcycle vest

Popravilo uničenega ovratnika

Zipper change on leather jacket

Expansion of motorcycle pants

Cene se razlikujejo glede na zahtevnost materiala in samega popravila, ki ga stranka želi. Naš cenik se sklada s cenikom Obrtne zbornice. Ob posvetu pri nas, pa vam seveda pojasnimo, katera postavka ustreza vašemu primeru.
Na voljo smo vam tudi za EXPRESS storitve, kadar nekaj nujno potrebujete. Te storitve se obračunajo s pribitkom na osnovno ceno.
Če vam kjerkoli rečejo, da nekaj ni možno narediti, pridite še k nam, preden obupate! 
Delamo to kar znamo in verjamemo, da znamo to najbolje! 
Prijazno vabljeni!